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LipuJet-P-OB basis

Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

NS 2DN 10021010044070,0510,03552.34.00
NS 3DN 10030015063080,0710,03553.34.00
NS 4DN 10040020083095,0925,03554.34.00
NS 7DN 1508004001600187,01787,03557.34.00
NS 8,5DN 1509404751900208,02108,03558.34.00
NS 10DN 15010005202000220,02220,03560.34.00
Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

NS 2DN 100210 l100 l440 l70,0 kg510,0 kg3552.34.00
NS 3DN 100300 l150 l630 l80,0 kg710,0 kg3553.34.00
NS 4DN 100400 l200 l830 l95,0 kg925,0 kg3554.34.00
NS 7DN 150800 l400 l1600 l187,0 kg1787,0 kg3557.34.00
NS 8,5DN 150940 l475 l1900 l208,0 kg2108,0 kg3558.34.00
NS 10DN 1501000 l520 l2000 l220,0 kg2220,0 kg3560.34.00
Nominel kapacitetMål
NS 211001300105598516801500700770110
NS 314501650105598516801500700770110
NS 417602000105598516801500700770110
NS 71960220012501180188017009501020160
NS 8,52250248512501180188017009501020160
NS 102450269012501180188017009501020160