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LipuJet-P-RB basis

Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

NS 2DN 100240120620119,0799,03502.32.30
NS 4DN 100455165830134,01024,03504.32.30
NS 7DN 1507504001990301,02521,03507.32.30
NS 10DN 15010654002310311,02761,03510.32.30
NS 15DN 20016708003390357,03967,03515.32.30
NS 20DN 20021508003875358,04428,03520.32.30
Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

FedtlagGenereltTomFuldTungeste enkeltkomponent
NS 2DN 100240 l120 l620 l119,0 kg799,0 kg48,0 kg3502.32.30
NS 4DN 100455 l165 l830 l134,0 kg1024,0 kg55,0 kg3504.32.30
NS 7DN 150750 l400 l1990 l301,0 kg2521,0 kg112,0 kg3507.32.30
NS 10DN 1501065 l400 l2310 l311,0 kg2761,0 kg116,0 kg3510.32.30
NS 15DN 2001670 l800 l3390 l357,0 kg3967,0 kg134,0 kg3515.32.30
NS 20DN 2002150 l800 l3875 l358,0 kg4428,0 kg134,0 kg3520.32.30
Nominel kapacitetMål
L1L2L3H1H2H3H4DD1Z/Antal segmenter
NS 2125560200975905132015201101150795/2
NS 412556020012401170158017801101150820/2
NS 718206020014301330188020801601660785/3
NS 1018206020016001500205022501601660785/3
NS 1521306020017651665220024002001920880/3
NS 2021306020019551855240026002001920880/3