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LipuJet-S-RD stage 1

Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

NS 2DN 100210120715172,0886,07502.62.00
NS 4DN 100420165915186,01101,07504.62.00
NS 7DN 1507054001950338,02290,07507.62.00
NS 10DN 15010004002250351,02598,07510.62.00
NS 15DN 20016308003350492,03842,07515.62.00
NS 20DN 20021108003820510,04330,07520.62.00
Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

FedtlagGenereltTomFuldTungeste enkeltkomponent
NS 2DN 100210 l120 l715 l172,0 kg886,0 kg88,0 kg7502.62.00
NS 4DN 100420 l165 l915 l186,0 kg1101,0 kg88,0 kg7504.62.00
NS 7DN 150705 l400 l1950 l338,0 kg2290,0 kg128,0 kg7507.62.00
NS 10DN 1501000 l400 l2250 l351,0 kg2598,0 kg128,0 kg7510.62.00
NS 15DN 2001630 l800 l3350 l492,0 kg3842,0 kg196,0 kg7515.62.00
NS 20DN 2002110 l800 l3820 l510,0 kg4330,0 kg196,0 kg7520.62.00
Nominel kapacitetMål
L1L2L3H1H2H3H4H5DD1Z/Antal segmenter
NS 211801201509759051200140015201101000785/2
NS 41180120150124011701450165017701101000785/2
NS 71800120150143013301780193021001601500790/3
NS 101800120150160015001950210022701601500790/3
NS 152050120150175516852120225024402101750820/3
NS 202050120150193518852320245026402101750820/3