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LipuJet-S-OB Basis

Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

NS 1DN 100100100320130,0450,07551.34.00
NS 2DN 100200100440135,0575,07552.34.00
NS 3DN 100300150630155,0785,07553.34.00
NS 4DN 100400200830175,01005,07554.34.00
NS 5,5DN 1505503601430230,01660,07555.34.00
NS 7DN 1507004001600255,01855,07557.34.00
NS 8,5DN 1508504751900295,02195,07558.34.00
NS 10DN 15010005202000315,02315,07560.34.00
Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

NS 1DN 100100 l100 l320 l130,0 kg450,0 kg7551.34.00
NS 2DN 100200 l100 l440 l135,0 kg575,0 kg7552.34.00
NS 3DN 100300 l150 l630 l155,0 kg785,0 kg7553.34.00
NS 4DN 100400 l200 l830 l175,0 kg1005,0 kg7554.34.00
NS 5,5DN 150550 l360 l1430 l230,0 kg1660,0 kg7555.34.00
NS 7DN 150700 l400 l1600 l255,0 kg1855,0 kg7557.34.00
NS 8,5DN 150850 l475 l1900 l295,0 kg2195,0 kg7558.34.00
NS 10DN 1501000 l520 l2000 l315,0 kg2315,0 kg7560.34.00
Nominel kapacitetMål
NS 1905110011583076012001550675760110
NS 29051100115105598513201700675760110
NS 312551450115105598513201700675760110
NS 416051800115105598513201700675760110
NS 5,51655192011512551185157019509251010160
NS 71855212011512551185157019509251010160
NS 8,52155242011512551185157019509251010160
NS 102345261011512551185157019509251010160