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LipuJet-S-OD stage 1

Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

NS 1DN 100100100320135,0455,07551.64.00
NS 2DN 100200100440140,0580,07552.64.00
NS 3DN 100300150630160,0790,07553.64.00
NS 4DN 100400200830180,01010,07554.64.00
NS 5,5DN 1505503601430245,01675,07555.64.00
NS 7DN 1507004001600260,01860,07557.64.00
NS 8,5DN 1508504751900300,02200,07558.64.00
NS 10DN 15010005202000320,02320,07560.64.00
Nominel kapacitetNominel breddeIndholdVægtVare-

NS 1DN 100100 l100 l320 l135,0 kg455,0 kg7551.64.00
NS 2DN 100200 l100 l440 l140,0 kg580,0 kg7552.64.00
NS 3DN 100300 l150 l630 l160,0 kg790,0 kg7553.64.00
NS 4DN 100400 l200 l830 l180,0 kg1010,0 kg7554.64.00
NS 5,5DN 150550 l360 l1430 l245,0 kg1675,0 kg7555.64.00
NS 7DN 150700 l400 l1600 l260,0 kg1860,0 kg7557.64.00
NS 8,5DN 150850 l475 l1900 l300,0 kg2200,0 kg7558.64.00
NS 10DN 1501000 l520 l2000 l320,0 kg2320,0 kg7560.64.00
Nominel kapacitetMål
NS 19051100115830760120013801550675760110
NS 290511001151055985132015001700675760110
NS 3125514501151055985132015001700675760110
NS 4160518001151055985132015001700675760110
NS 5,516551920115125511851570175019509251010160
NS 718552120115125511851570175019509251010160
NS 8,521552420115125511851570175019509251010160
NS 1023452610115125511851570175019509251010160